Can You See It?

Our eye clinic & hospital have become well known in and around the village of Chiluvuru. People come from more than 100 miles away. We had almost 10,000 patient visits this past year and we have done about 360 cataract surgeries, which are free to patients.

Here’s a tip on how our staff and doctors decide who is ready for a cataract surgery that includes palm reading.

Some say that “People’s hand lines usually reveal individual personality and character traits”. You may or may not believe palm reading, but you can believe the ability for a patient to see the lines in their palms helps determine whether he or she is ready for a cataract surgery.

Why don’t you try it?

Menno Clinic India

Put your hands in front of you. If you can see your palm lines, you are not quite ready for a surgery. If you can’t see your palm lines or if they are blurry, you are ready and they will schedule you for a surgery.

This looks unscientific but it has served us well and we have a perfect record with cataract surgeries.

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