Serving During COVID

With an infrared thermometer, an electronic blood pressure monitoring kit, a hand sanitizing station that you can operate with your foot, a built in mask made with their own saree, coupled with social distancing, Menno Clinic is open for business on June 1st. There are a few patients, mainly those that require diabetic care show up to the clinic these days. We had to be extra careful as there were reported cases of Covid 19 in Chiluvuru.

A Shamiyana (tent) was built outside the building to seat the patients and a certain distance is maintained between the patients and they are required to wear a mask. After some Covid 19 cases were reported in Chiluvuru, alot stricter social  distancing rules have been in place. There are about 8 known cases in Chiluvuru currently and the report is that it is contained. These cases were in one section of the village and people, including our employees, that come from that area are quarantined. 

Continue praying for our staff as they serve the most vulnerable during this time!

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