About Menno Clinic

Menno-Clinic, India is a mission project of Emma Mennonite Church, Topeka, Indiana, and the vision of Dr. Subbarao and Olga Yarlagadda to provide affordable medical, dental, and eye care services in Olga’s home village of Chiluvuru, India.

doc and olga

“Doc” Yarlagadda is an agronomist and visionary of Menno-Clinic, India. He and his wife, Olga, are parents of three grown children and six grandchildren, all living in the United States. Doc and Olga moved to the United States in the early 1970’s but have been heavily involved in their culture and their home communities of southeast India.

Menno Clinic originated in the mid 1990’s from a sermon challenge by Pastor John Murray, pastor at the time at Emma Mennonite Church. Pastor Murray challenged the congregation to each take a silver dollar coin as “seed money” for ministry furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ. Doc and Olga envisioned using her childhood home in Chilururu, India, as a medical clinic to meet the needs of the most poor in her village. Over the last twenty years, Menno Clinic India has grown to a medical, eye, and dental clinic. By 2017, the medical clinic serves 40-50 patients a day, six days a week. The dental clinic serves 30-40 clients six days a week, and the dental clinic provides services two days a week.

Currently, cataract surgeries occur one day a week, serving up to eight patients each day of surgery.

The clinic provides low cost services to it’s patients, which are subsidized by donors. The cataract surgeries and eye exams are free, with costs only for the eye glasses and a small housekeeping fee for overnight accommodations at the clinic the night of surgery. The medical clinic provides basic medical services, blood tests, and has a running pharmacy for needed medications.

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Patients at Menno Clinic come from all walks of life, religions, and economic levels, though our primary patients are from the lower castes and socio-economic levels. Patients travel from nearby villages to attend the clinic. The clinic currently employs 20 individuals, including two administrators, two doctors, a lab technician, three nurses, an optometrist, an eye surgeon, a dentist, custodians and assistants to the medical teams.

Doc and Olga’s passion is equal and fair medical treatment to all people, regardless of religion, caste, gender, or socioeconomic level, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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