Become a Partner

Menno Clinic provides free and low-cost medical, dental, and eye care services to the most needy in Chiluvuru and the surrounding area because services are subsidized by donors. Because of our services, patients receive essential medical care, medications, blood tests, eye glasses, oral health care, dental implants, and cataract surgeries which prevent blindness.

One of our clients says “Thank you” after leaving from her cataract surgery.

Our costs to patients are minimal. The following list is a sample of our services and cost to patients:

  • A tooth extraction and filling cost:  77 cents
  • A root canal costs:  $6.15
  • Dental implants cost: $23.00
  • Outpatient medical visit: 15 cents
  • Eye clinic and dental general visit: 30 cents
  • Blood tests (hemoglobin, malaria, typhoid, blood sugar, HIV, ECG, just a few): $.07-$1.54
  • Cataract surgery is free with minimal fee for overnight stay.

Between the medical, dental, and eye clinic, we serve an average of 40-50 people six days a week. In addition, 16 cataract surgeries are performed each month.

Monthly donations of any amount subsidizes the low-cost services above, staff salaries, state of the art equipment, and maintains two parcels of land which contain vegetables, plants, and trees which are reinvested both in the clinic and the community.

If you would like to partner with this vital service changing lives, please consider becoming a monthly partner or one-time donor. Your donation not only impacts the health of our patients, but provides meaningful work to each of our twenty employees.

“You’re changing lives” one of our custodians said, with tears in her eyes. Thank you.”

Will you consider partnering with us? To do so, clink the link

Donations can also be mailed to:

Menno Clinic India, c/o Emma Mennonite Church, 1900 S 600 W, Topeka, IN 46571

A monthly donation of any amount covers costs for medical services. A donation of $100 pays for one cataract surgery. Ongoing donations pay for equipment, salaries, building maintenance, and other needs necessary for operation.

All financial expenditures are overseen by our Board of Directors.