The COVID-19 Lockdown at Menno Clinic Extended to May 17th

Indian Government has extended the COVID-19 Lockdown till May 17th. Our Clinic will not be open until May 17th. At that time, depending on the Government directives, our staff will make a decision on when to reopen the clinic. 

Indian Government has developed a different and unique rating system

Red zones need to have focused attention in these areas as the number of positive CoVID-19 cases and its growth rates are high

Orange Zones are areas with limited number of cases in the past and no surge in positive cases in recent times.

Green Zones are districts that have not reported positive cases of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Status in Andhra Pradesh

Guntur District, where Menno Clinic is located, is in the Red Zone. However, there is a catch here. Duggirala Mandalam is in Green Zone. It’s like saying North East Indiana is in Red Zone, but LaGrange County is in Green Zone.

Map showing the 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh (AP). Numbers in ...

Kurnool, Guntur District (where Menno Clinic is located), Krishna, Nellore, & Chittoor are all in Red Zone.

East Godavari, West Godavari,  Kadapa, Anantapur, Srikakulam, Prakasam,  & Visakhapatnam are in Orange Zone.

Vizianagaram is in a Green Zone.

Our staff are making preparations for new protocol for reopening. Please pray for them as they will be serving clients in Chiluvuru with a new system of care to keep each person safe.

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