Prayer and Praise

The common thread between Menno Clinic, India, and those it touches is humanity. The things we have in common, the experiences we share, and the understanding we have for one another, no matter the country, language, or cultural barriers.

This week, we request that you think of and pray for the many people connected to Menno Clinic who are experiencing things which bind us together, but also cause hardship or miracles. Life and death, health and destruction.

Pray for the caregivers, the doctors, and nurses who are caring for clients in the shadow of a worldwide epidemic. Pray protection over them, our clients, and the clinic. Pray for Olga as she is there yet his month, for her health and that of her mother, Anne.

Pray for board members. We particularly ask prayer for the Murray family as they support their father whose health is declining.

Prayer and praise for board member Kathy Taylor, whose home was one of the only homes untouched in her neighborhood that was hit by the Nashville tornado last week. Pray for their neighborhood to rebuild, and for her to be able to support her neighbors as possible.

Thank you for your prayers, for your support, and for you connection and love for the Menno Clinic community.

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