Menno Clinic, India

Nestled in the village of Chiluvuru, India, is a unique place–Menno Clinic, India.

We provide medical, dental, and eye care to all people in the name of Jesus Christ.

Join this amazing ministry by partnering with us. 

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Thank You For Letting Me See

“Everything went according to plan”  Doc said regarding the most recent trip to Menno Clinic, India, made by Doc, Olga, new board member Brenda Yoder and ministry partner Jane Kauffman. The four of them spent ten days at the clinic, connecting with staff, visiting them in their homes, attending church, visiting church members, and observing … Continue reading Thank You For Letting Me See

It’s All About Relationships–Curry Bash 2017

Perhaps it was the beautiful fall day that drew persons to finish yard work and farmers to their harvesting, but there was somewhat less-than-usual attendance at our annual Menno Clinic Curry Bash on Saturday, October 24.  Those who weren’t able to attend missed a delightful selection of carry-in foods in addition to the traditional tasty … Continue reading It’s All About Relationships–Curry Bash 2017

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