What We Learn From Others Different than Ourselves

In two weeks, another group from the United States will be visiting Menno Clinic. It’s been two years since a group from the United States has been to Menno Clinic, so we are looking forward to going!

It will be my second trip to Menno Clinic. Trips to India and other cultures have impacted me in several ways. We have heard similar stories from guests visiting Menno Clinic over the twenty years we have been making trips. As I reflected on my trip to India and other cultures in recent years, here are a few lessons I have learned.

Menno Clinic
  1. God created all of us, and humanity is similar, no matter where you live. I love the human race, and learning of the similarities between humans, rather than seeing the differences between us has changed my life and relationships. On my last trip to India, I milked a water buffalo, using the same techniques I’ve used milking cows and goats on our own farm. The familiarity made me feel at home, though the location and setting were different.
  2. The American way is not the right way. Being in other cultures has taught me that each culture, country, and region (even in the United States) has traditions, knowledge, and ways of life that are good, unique, and important. We learn so much from others when we come with a teachable spirit and attitude of what we can learn from others whose ways are different from our own.
  3. Compassion and humility are the gifts you bring home that, hopefully, cause you to see all people as equal, beautiful, and important, in both God’s eyes and one another’s.

Will you pray for our small group that will be traveling to Menno Clinic mid January through early February? We look forward to connecting with the staff, patients, church, and neighbors in Chiluvuru.


Brenda L. Yoder, Board Member

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