In Honor of Dr. Rao

On August 21, our doctor at the clinic, Dr. Ramachandra Rao, passed away. He had been fighting heart disease for quite a while and in May there was an unsuccessful attempt to put in a pacemaker through surgery.

This is a loss to the clinic. He was a faithful doctor who was on our staff with his wife, Dr. Jayasree Rao, who is the doctor for women’s issues at Menno Clinic.

Dr. Rao’s real name is Dr. Chadalawada Seetha Ramachandra Rao. He was born on Auigust 28, 1938 in the village of Chiluvuru where our clinc operates now. He is one of the 13 siblings. Dr. Rao has 5 sisters and seven brothers.

Dr Rao finished his Medical School in 1967 and married to Dr. Jayasree in 1968. They had a private practice in the nearby village of Revendrapadu between 1969 and 2003.

The wife and husband team joined our clinic in the year 2004. Dr. Rao is soft spoken and very well respected by the patients and the villagers. He has been very helpful with the nursing student groups that went from Hesston College. He arranged for their visit to the local medical schools and government hospitals.

Dr. Rao has two grown children. One dauther Kavitha, a Dentist, one son, Srinivas,  a physician. Dr. Kavitha lives in the nearby town of Tenali and their

son Srinivas lives in Rajamundry. Dr. Rao and Dr. Jayasree have two granddaughters.

Dr. Jayasree is currently staying with their son Srinivas in Rajamundry. She took a leave of absence. Please pray for Dr. Rao’s family.

Meanwhile, we had to get a new Doctor to run our outpatient clinic. Our outpatient clinic takes care of 50 to 70 people every day. Lord blessed us with a young Doctor that just graduated from the medical college. His name is Earnest Leo Titus. We hired him for now not knowing how the future unfolds.  Patients are really liking this young Doctor.  The Doctor situation is uncertain and please lift the staff and the clinic to our Lord and His blessings.

Written by founder Dr. Subbarao Yarlagadda

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