Partners in Peace

In 1995 in a small, rural congregation in Emma, Indiana, Pastor John Murray presented seed money left over from the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference budget to the congregation in the form of 200 dollar coins. Pastor Murray challenged the congregation to take a silver dollar and use it to further the gospel in their sphere of influence.

The sermon sparked an idea in Doc and Olga Yarlagadda, members of the congregation. Olga had the vision to use her family home in Chiluvuru, India, as a medical clinic in the village. Now, in 2018, the clinic serves over 100 people daily in both a medical and dental clinic, serving Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and anyone who enters the doors.

Since 1995, Emma Church: An Anabaptist Fellowship has been an integral part of the ministry. The church has provided board members, has hosted the annual Curry Bash, is the registered entity for Menno Clinic India, and has been closely tied through prayer and support. They are partners in peace across the globe.

In the Lambright prayer chapel, a peace quilt made by the Women and Missionary Sewing Commission of Emma Church hangs, displaying the commitment and partnership in peace.

After serving as pastor of Emma Mennonite, John Murray served as pastor at Hesston Mennonite Church, Hesston, KS. Emma’s current pastor, Gene Hartman, is on the Board of Directors, along with Brenda Yoder, church member, and Michelle Ramer, who attended Emma with her husband, Derrick Ramer, when he was youth pastor. They currently reside in Newton, KS. Former board members from Emma Mennonite include Greg Schrock, Ben Hunsburger, and Harvey Chupp, both instrumental in founding the ministry.

Doc and Olga attend Emma Church when they reside in their home in Shipshewana, and several others from the congregation have traveled to Menno Clinic. Shore Church, formerly Shore Mennonite, Shipshewana, IN, has also been instrumental as partners in ministry. The Lambright Chapel is an honored space named after the Lambright family, members of Shore Church.

Would you like to join us as partners in peace across the globe? Find out more how you can become monthly donors here. We’d be honored with your partnership in peace.



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