Pray for the Ministry at Menno Clinic

Valentine’s Day prompts us to pray for the couple that started and Menno Clinic, Doc and Olga Yarlagadda. You only need to be with them a short amount of time to experience the love they have for the people of Chiluvuru, for Menno Clinic clients, church, and staff.


Dr. Subbarao and Olga Yarlagadda first presented the vision for Menno-Clinic, India to the Emma Mennonite congregation in 1995. They desired to fulfill a dream to to help improve the lives of those in their native India. Menno-Clinic, India is an affordable medical clinic in the village of Chiluvuru, Andhra Pradesh, India, the “hometown” of Olga. Olga donated the home and property she inherited from her family for the medical clinic. Another parcel of ground adjoining the property of the Yarlagadda’s was purchased for the eye clinic building.

The people of Chiluvuru and surrounding areas use the clinic for services. A group representing the clinic was in Chiluvuru in January, 1997, and met with the village elders as well as leaders of some of the other “religious bodies” to receive their approval and blessing for this Christian clinic to be built in their village. The plan for building a clinic was warmly received. Since then, the clinic includes two buildings and two parcels of land used for vegetable gardens.

Doc and Olga are an active part of the ministry, communicating with staff and Olga’s mother frequently, keeping active engagement in the ministry. Please pray for them as they lead the ministry, along with the board of directors. Pray that their love will be felt through the services and relationships built at Menno Clinic. Pray for their family both in the United States and India, their health and their traveling endeavors between their work and family in the United States and India.

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