Thank You For Letting Me See

“Everything went according to plan”  Doc said regarding the most recent trip to Menno Clinic, India, made by Doc, Olga, new board member Brenda Yoder and ministry partner Jane Kauffman.

The four of them spent ten days at the clinic, connecting with staff, visiting them in their homes, attending church, visiting church members, and observing the services provided at the medical, dental, and eye clinic. They were able to observe a few cataract surgeries, which occur on Tuesdays at the clinic. The eye surgeon comes every Tuesday to perform eight cataract surgeries and 60 have been screened and scheduled for upcoming weeks. The patients have surgery on Tuesday, stay overnight at the Kauffman Eye Clinic, and go home on Wednesday. “Thank you for letting me see” a woman responded as she was leaving.

The cataract surgeries are growing and people are coming from surrounding areas near Chiluvuru. Though they are free to the patients, they are subsidized by donors. The cost of the surgeries are $100. If you’d like to support this ministry by sponsoring a cataract surgery, you can do so by partnering with an end of the year donation for that amount. The clients at the clinic are more than thankful for these donations. Several who were waiting for eye services told the American team “thank you” through tears and the traditional “Namaste” posture.

One observation the team made while on this trip is the impact the clinic has in the ongoing problem of domestic violence. While sitting though some of the eye exams, our optometrist told Doc and the team afterward that the woman who came in had eye pain due to her husband hitting her. She was nine months pregnant. The optometrist preceded to report that probably 26 out of 40 patients have eye complications and pain due to domestic violence. All three team members were stunned and deeply affected. “I had no idea” Doc said.

The recent trip validated that ministry that’s happening at Menno Clinic. Not only does it impact with basic medical services and prevents blindness through the growing cataract surgeries, but it provides hope and a safe haven for those who come. It also impacts the twenty staff employed by Menno Clinic, of whom the majority are women and many who are widows. The clinic is currently serving 40-50 people in the medical clinic and 30—40 people in the eye clinic, although the last day the team was in India, the eye clinic served a record 70 patients.

Your partnership is critical in this growing ministry. Would you consider becoming a monthly partner? You can easily donate online though the website, or you can mail your monthly donations to Menno Clinic, c/o Emma Mennonite Church, 1900 600 W, Topeka, IN 46571

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