Sowing More Seeds by Kara Yoder

The following is from a donation letter we received from Kara Yoder from Kalona, IA. We are grateful that she will be sharing at the upcoming Curry Bash on October 21, 6:oo pm, at the Emma Mennonite Church, Topeka, IN. 


I visited Menno Clinic India in 2012 with the Hesston College nursing group. I have been blessed by this experience and have felt called to spread the word about my experience and the impact this clinic and investment into the kingdom has made.

I preached a sermon at my church, East Union Mennonite Church, Kalona, IA, about how the clinic came to be all based off of a Susan B. Anthony coin and a dream to invest by Subbarao. Just like John Murray did, I also gave everyone in the congregation a one dollar bill and asked them to invest it back in the kingdom. I’m hoping we have equally great things come from this like from Menno Clinic.

We took a special offering for Menno Clinic and I am extremely happy to offer it to you. We hope this helps aid in the ministry this clinic has already started.

Connect with the ministry at Menno Clinic by donating here. Your support will enable medical care to the community in Chiluvuru, India.

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